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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

[p!] Listen up!!! Brandnew Blog In-The-Make...

Dear p!nkies...

Thanks for staying around so long, even though some of you might have already left and couldn't even give a fuck anymore about the incredible loooooooonnnnnnnngggggggg writer's block this janlove must have had, not to write a single post since beginning of 2008. Well...

People we've been busy! And... we still are, while I'm writing you these new updates. We are currently working on a brandnew blog, and it will be revolutionary. BIG PROMISE!

Even though it will be a lot different, we will still be able to present a LOT of House and Electro, but also a new genre, that's been growing bigger and bigger lately: The infamous Indie-Dance.

Get ready and keep steady.
THIS is the place to watch! - More info to come very soon! ;)


Saturday, 5 January 2008

[p!nk.weekend.track] Skeatch feat. Joe Smooth - Promised Milkshake

Hey folks!
The first week in 2008 of work is done for the most of us! Time to celebrate this with the hottest track I've found this week...
It's a damn smooth remix of Keli's massive track MILKSHAKE, remixed by Skeatch and Joe Smooth and another clubtrack called Promised Land... get the idea?

This track is damn hard to find so far, so enjoy it!

Oh btw...


Thursday, 3 January 2008

[p!nk.class!c] ATFC - Bad Habit (Original Mix)

Fantastic and absolute Classic when it comes to Funky Vocal House, which we absolutelyyyyyyyyyy love and adore here on P!NK TUNEZ!

ATFC is famous for his tremendously sucessfull remixes and own works and productions. However, this must be his infamous best work ever! The BAD HABIT track has been played, and played and played all over again on all those nights out, and I'm sure in some clubs they still play this evergreen classic!

This song also was on several Hed Kandi productions. Is there anything left to say? ...

"I've got a bad bad habit babeh - baby it's YOU!"

Antoine Clamaran feat. Lulu Hughes - Give Some Love (Mario Ochoa's Electrified Remix)

There's still so much stuff on my PC that I would like to present, allthough its old and new stuff mixed and mashed together...
so don't be surprised!

However, I'm sure this remix of Antoine Clamaran's Give Some Love is still pretty new, and it's a fabulous


remix... so jump off the chairs and get on the Dancefloor!

Full Intention feat. Shena - Your Day Is Coming (Original Mix)

It's Partytime!

And with FULL INTENTION, one of UK's most sucessful DJ duo, this hardly ever means something bad! With their track YOUR DAY IS COMING they were negotiating to work together with Shena.

How could we not appreciate it! Soulful Magic that turns into fanta-fabulous FUNKY VOCAL HOUSE...

Dig in and enjoyyyy!!!

Moony - For Your Love (Molosuno Klub Mix)

Well the good news is...
MOONY is still alive!
The bad news probably, that you won't remember who she is! *laughs*...
So here's a little reminder:

Moony - Dové (YouTube.Com)

And now good ole' Moony is back with a Funky Vocal House track, that will be blastin' over the dancefloors like a storm!
The track is still packed with funky melodies, Moony's infamous and remarkable voice and a few beats to shake the hips to it!

So let's hope there's more to come from Moony, as we've waited long enough! :)

[p!nk.DJ.set] Benny Benassi - The Smirnoff ICE-xperience

Welcome back pinkies!

And let's welcome the new year 2008 as well. With lots of new music to present and to to hear, listen, and buy!

Benny Benassi has created a set for Smirnoff and has also created, one of the best DJ-sets I've heard in ages. You should give it a go! A few nice elektro tunez, a bit of a weird and fucked up beat here, some twisted vocals there...

Simply fantastic!
Nevermind the 45MB... it's all worth it! Trust me! It's 32 minutes long... and worth every second!

So give it ago as long as it's hot!

Monday, 31 December 2007

Sunday, 30 December 2007

[p!nk.doubledecker] R.A.W. feat. Amanda Wilson - Intoxicated

Amanda Wilson is our newest member of her own personal [p!nk.profile]. As one of the most hired female Vocalists (and discovered by the incredible FREEMASONS with their hit "LOVE ON MY MIND") in the House Scene, she more than deserves herself one. So here it is! Don't you dare to think it was easy to find a picture of her THIS big!!! Phew!

However, the track isn't too new, and we've already posted the RADIO EDIT of this track, so time for the ORIGINAL MIX and the E-SQUIRE REMIX, both have been on HED KANDI Compilations...

Grab it,
listen to it,
and enjoy one of the most mindblowwin' female House Vocalists of our days...

R.A.W. feat. Amanda Wilson - Intoxicated (Original Mix)

R.A.W. feat. Amanda Wilson - Intoxicated (E-Squire Mix)

Saturday, 29 December 2007

Moston Malente - Fcked Up (Original Mix)

Something really nasty, dirrtay and filled with SEX comes straight onto [p!nk.tunez], just as we like it.

Moston Malente present FCKED UP (Original Mix). A typical hard Electro-track that will remind you what "real Electro" sounds like...

It's dark...
It's rude...
It's real...

It's FCKED UP! ... Basically says what's on the tin!

Doc Da Funk - Real Love (Main Mix)

Beautiful brandnew FUNKY VOCAL HOUSE straight off the latest HED KANDI 2008 MIX compilation...

Reminds a lot of Seamus Haji's style... Quite on the borderline to Electro House! Magnificent female vocals and a dancetrack that goes right down your spine and makes you dance the night away forever and ever and ever again...

Freemasons - Tuff Ass Disco Thingie (Original Mix)

And while we're at it...

The same congratulations to the FREEMASONS. Who are one of the most posted and most loved and posted DJ's on [p!nk.tunez]

Their new track has leaked through and is not yet to find on any CD... When will that happen?...

The TUFF ASS DISCO THINGIE is a hot instrumental and Funky House track... Maybe it'll be crowned with some hot Vocals, once it's gonna be realeased officially!

A feast for the ears, even without the Vocals anyway!

Marco Demark feat. feat. Casey Bearns - Tiny Dancer (Moto Blanco Remix)

And another fantastic remix has found it's way on [p!nk.tunez]

Moto Blanco has now officially reached the proud title of one of the most posted remixes and tracks on [p!nk.tunez]. So we have created his very own name banner which will be posted in future above every of his remixes, so you'll recognize them straight away...

However... back to this track. Originally sung by Elton John, the remake and this remix is just fantastic and pure FUNKY VOCAL HOUSE. Do NOT miss this now!

Daft Punk - One More Time 2008 (The House Moguls Remix)

What a bomb...
The same start as the Original "One More Time", this year, it's gonna BOMB in the midway of this track!


Finest shit presented at the best time of the year for a clubbin' track 2 b played in da clubs for the last night of the nights...

Could you imagine to get your freak on when this murdertrack is kicked'out of the speakers in da clubs???...


"One More Time, We're gonna Celebraaaaaaaate - Oh yeahhhhhhh"

[p!nk.mash.Up] Bob Sinclair feat. Craig David - World, Hold On The Hot Stuff

Another hot remix, made out of the infamous tune of WORLD HOLD ON by Bob Sinclair... Craig David gets his hands on the hot beat, and swirls and dances and sings summin' about HOT STUFF...

as if he knows what he's talking about...
Do you? ...

Or as in Rihanna's famous words: "Shup Up And..." DANCE!

Merry XMAS from [p!nk.tunez]

Hey Folks,

First of all, a VERY MERRY XMAS to y'all... I hope you and your families enjoy a warm, harmonic and relaxing Christmas. Don't forget to put some delicate music on, while you're having XMAS meals with your beloved ones... haha...

However, I am really sorry for having a little miss-out on here, as we had some serious Computer problems, and are all on holidays now! Woooohooo...

However, holidays over xmas can be really boring in-between, so that's why we're gonna fill it with more music... and get ready for the last weekend of 2007...



Thursday, 13 December 2007

[p!nk.weekend.track] Space Cowboy feat. Nadia - Something For The Weekend (Seamus Haji Remix)

I could have sworn I've posted this track already! Even more of a shame that we haven't. However, time for the Weekendtrack, as it's nearly time for 3rd last WEEKEND THIS YEAR, before we say

HELLO to 2008!

Seamus Haji bewitches us with another project before we can look forward to what the new year will bring, and boy oh boy, he sure knows how to finishes this year! Something For The Weekend is a hot funky VOCAL ELECTRO HOUSE track that will bomb Danceland in old Haji manners!

Let's not waste too much information and give you all the joy to our



[p!nk.class!c] No Angels - Let's Go To Bed (Mousse T. Remix)

Time for another hot [p!nk.class!c] and normally we don't do girl bands on here, but hey, these are the NO ANGELS...
winners of the german casting show POPSTARS...
this track is firin' hot vocal house, remixed and thanked to Mousse T.'s remix who was in charge to make this remix find it's way to the clubs and make those hotties and babes dance and shake their hips to the magic words...

"Let's go to bed babeh!" Oooohh such a classic!

Deadmau5 feat. Jelu - The Reward Is Cheese (Original Mix)

They are back - and daymnnnnn they brought some delicatessen with them! Deadmau5 returns with their actual track THE REWARD IS CHEESE!

Am I the only one who thinks that this is an absolute SHIT name for a track? However, the track itself is an addictive instrumental Bassbomb coming from the Electronic Danceland straight into your ears and into further bodyparts...

Enjoy :)

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

[p!nk.weekendtrack] Electronic Pirates feat. Rebeka Brown - Kinda Girl (Original Mix)

Ship Ahoy!

The Electric Pirates arrive with a brandnew and massive clubhit! The Electrofunky Housetrack comes with nice beats and vocals by Rebeka Brown! ("The Sun Rising Up")
Funky, fresh, as cold as the weather outside, and the best thing to dance the Weekendbo0gie to! *arrrggghhhh*

Kinda Girl
is our perfect [p!nk.weekendtrack] for this upcoming weekend, which is one of our last ones this year! Time 2 get ready and think about where to celebrate NEW YEARS EVE this year!

You have THE ULTIMATE IDEA? Then put it in the comments section and let us all know about it!!!

Sunday, 2 December 2007

Dr. Kucho - Lies To Yourself (Original Mix)

Another party weekend in London brought this brandnew Hed Kandi produced track to my ears and I must say, I didn't seem to be the only one in the club who had pleasure to dance to this track.

Hed Kandi guarantees always HOT stuff... and so is this track! When it's cold, grey and uncomfortable outside, it's lovely to warm yourself up with this Funky Vocal House track to burn a few extra calories off dancing before you gain'em back over the upcoming festive days!

Male Vocals again, and I like it!!! Haven't heard any remixes yet, but have found this awesome 320kbps quality version which is more than you can ask for, so shut up and drive... errr dance! :)


Saturday, 1 December 2007

Luke Francis - The Bomb (Original Mix)

"These sounds fall into my miiiiiiind"

Such a classic track that gets remixed over and over and over and over and over and over again, and still never get's tiring!

Luke Francis has even released a whole Single with remixes of the classic Dancefloortrack!

Hard Electrobeats and the typical Vocals and melody make this one an unforgettable remix of its own if not even the best!

Soul Survivors - Bring It Back (Original Mix)

It's been a while since you've heard a really funky and hot and supercool FUNKY VOCAL HOUSE track? Then this one here might float your boat and rattle your cage at the same time!


Female Vocals *tick*
Hot Beat *tick*
Funky Melody *tick*
Soulful Lyrics *tick*
320kbps *tick*

100% true and authentic FUNKY VOCAL HOUSE!

Woohoooo so BRING IT BACK!

Big Bass feat. Michelle Narine - What You Do (Stonebridge Club Mix)


This is the shizz!
And finally another OldSkoolHouse track! Hot female rap-like vocals and hot'step beatzzzzzz to put some fiah under ur azzes!

And please... whatever you do, NEVER EVER watch the video to this track. It's SHICE and not NOICE!

Fragma - Toca Me (The "it sounds like a deadmau5 remix but it's not really" remix)

Fragma is back! Well not really, as Deadmau5 just thought it was an interesting project to remix their infamous "Toca Me" track. With their typical beats and styles, they mix this example ofa hot Dancetrack up2date and we can proudly present it, in it's whole 320kbps beauty!

Edit by Janlove:
Apparently this remix has started a little wave of confusion... this mix is apparently NOT by deadmau5... it sure sounds like it though. However, whatever - the track is hot and so is this remix... doesn't really matter who mixed it now, does it? lol

Thanks for letting me know guys - I mean, this at least shows that u read the blog! haha :)


Annie Lennox returns with Madonna and their new single, and a very important message for the


In corporation with this Moto Blanco Remix we are more than happy to present this on [p!nk.tunez], but of course, not only because of that. We think it's one of these days that have been around for quite a while and become more and more "normal" and nothing "new" about it anymore. But peeps, seriously, this is utterly BULLSHICE! Don't think HIV is gone! It's here and bigger than ever, so let's take this day serious and try to understand, why "People are wearing this funny looking red ribbon on their jackets", yeah?


Booty Luv - Some Kinda Rush (Soul Avengerz Remix)

After "Don't Mess With My Man", the black house vocalists return 2 da dancefloors with their brandnew track "Some Kinda Rush"... and yeah, if you ask me, it can't even go quickly enough for these 2 ladeez!

The Soul Avengerz give the new track their typical clubby characteristix. So if you're into them - this is for you...and if you're not - then please read another blog entry and try your luck there!


Calvin Harris - Colours (Seamus Haji Remix)


We love this track like soooooo much! *shows with distance between both hands*!

Calvin Harris brandnew release of the same called album "Colours" is a SHITTRACK! It really is, it's pure crap! But let Mister Haji put his fingers on it, spin it here a little bit around, and there a little bit around, add some famous 80's melody in the background...

... and make those 80's finally in SOME acceptable way "club'able"!

That's Decent!
That's Noice!
That's Unusual!

... and remember... Radio Edit = SHIT! so don't even try! I warned ya!

WiFi feat. Melanie - Be Without You (Original Mix)

The original track by Mary J. Blige was such a success! Then, Moto Blanco remixed her track and made it club-able and everyone was dancing and singin' along to this massive HOT tune.
Now, a few years later, Nordic DJ WiFi steals some female vocalist (simply called Melanie) and covers the song! NOT NICE!
Leave this fact away, and you still have a very Funky Vocal Housetrack with very nice elements.
So if you've heard the Blige track, and the Moto Blanco Remix of it, don't expect something better, but if you haven't you're gonna love this!

David Guetta - Baby When The Lights (Original Extended Mix)

Beautiful latest published release by David Guetta! Funky Vocal Electronica with a nice beat, a nice female vocalist and all in all the typical "dancefloor-pack" that Guetta delivers as soon as he's spinnin' the turntables... :)

Does what it says on the tin - even if you leave the lights ON!

Jackson 5 - ABC (Freemasons Remix)

Seriously, what would a [p!nk.comeback] be without a proper brandnew FREEMASONS REMIX! The DJ couple from Brighton (UK) have remixed a whole new level of a stoneold Jackson 5 track. Does this have anything to do with the NEWS that the Jackson 5 are about to reform again - WITH WACKO JACKO?! *shock* We hope not!

However, this is the typical Freemasons Funky Vocal Remix House style, and that's why we luvvvv it! And not because of the Afro Haircuts! Look at them! HA! (I kinda lik'em though! They are funky! Still!)

A MUST HAVE, and not only for your upcoming NEW YEARS EVE party!!!

Richard Grey feat. Erick Morillo - Life Goes On (Richard F Remix)

WoW! It's about time b-iotch!

It's been a while since I've heard an ElectroHouse track building up like this! The Richard F Remix of "Life Goes On" is just simply an


So what u waitin' 4 x'actly? Huh??? Hopp hopp!

Leona Lewis - Bleedin' Love (Moto Blanco Radio Edit)

Who the fuck cares about Britney anyway anymore?! Eh?

THIS is the new shit! As a fellow Mr. Manson likes to sing, because this is proper hot pop, made in the UK, and if I may say so, if it's remixed by Moto Blanco, you have as good as a label of 100% HOT SHIT on the tune!

Baby, this is what I'm talking about!...

oh and to not completely forget Britney, you can come and say your words up now: "Gimme More!" Yeah - Less of Titney - more of Leona's remixes! NAICE!

[p!nk.weekendtrack] Till West feat. Eddie Thoneick - Hi'N'Bye

And of course, with the amazing return and comeback of [p!nk.tunez] we also bring you the infamous [p!nk.weekendtrack]!

As for this one, we present the brandnew and still unreleased co-working duo DJ TILL WEST FEAT. EDDIE THONEICK with their amazing track "HI'N'BYE". The red hot track has hot remixes that are out (I wasn't able to get hold of the Original so far, if anyone can assist, leave a message in the comments section) and about in Remixland.

The track is typical Vocal Electrohouse and proves once more, that amazing female Vocals don't only work for Funky Vocal House tracks, but also for stuff like this!

Here are 2 remixes of "Hi'n'Bye". N-joy y'all!

Till West feat. Eddie Thoneick - Hi'N'Bye (Smax Gold Remix)

Till West feat. Eddie Thoneick - Hi'N'Bye (Guitarra Remix)

Deep Dish - Dreams (Tocadisco Remix)

The beautiful and originally song "Dreams" sung by The Cranberries has made it's way into the Remixscene for quite a few times in the past months, and even years.

"Dreams" is a beautiful vocal track, that's dark, grey and yet very romantic and beautiful.

The remix by Tocadisco makes the whole thing all upgraded and ready for the Clubscene... so off you go! Have a listen!


Have you heard and spread the news? We are officially back, as promised on the 1st of December 2007. In Europe it's already past midnight when we're writing this first post on the first date of the last month in this remarkable year! Time to celebrate this with the return of [p!nk.tunez] blog!

Thank you guys for waiting, and you shall be presented and informed about the latest music in the Electronic and Funky Vocal House scene up2date again!

We remind you of a few things that STILL haven't changed, so please keep in mind that...


...only presents music! Please do not keep the music on your computer for any longer than max. 24 hours! If you like a track, support the DJ or the band and buy their official albums, vinyls or MP3's. If you are a producer or artist that's listed on this blog and don't wish to find your work presented on this blog, please feel free to get in touch with us via E-Mail and we will make sure it will disappear. Guys, let's respect this please!

...some moron mentioned in the chat that the main logo reminds him of "child porn". I will just make sure and hereby just DEFINITELY announce distance this blog and any blog entries or material on [p!nk.tunez] from this topic.

...still only presents music that has a minimum of 192kbps and more! Most of the tracks are 320kbps anyway!

and finally...

... wants to put the FUN back into every Electronika and Funky Vocal House fan, so here we go! :)


Thursday, 22 November 2007

[p!nk.announcement] the great p!nk COMEBACK

Dear Friends & Fans of [p!nk.tunez] thank you sooo much for the waiting and giving the time that we needed to continue this blog.

And here's the good news...
We officially will be back as of the beginning of the 1st of December 2007! A month that we will fill with the bestest and funkiest Dancemusic collected over months to get those christmas ornaments on the tree's shakin' and Santa and his elves gro0vin' 2 da beat just in right time...

So stay tuned and we will be back soon,


Thursday, 4 October 2007

Highlife feat. Karime - Mercy On Me (Kendra Remix)

Well, if all a good Housetrack needs is

* A good voice
* Funky Beats
* Gro0vy Rhythms
* Sing-a-long like lyrics

Then this has it! Highlife feat. Karime have got some "Mercy" for all the others who don't :)

Candy Williams feat. Whiteside - Move On Up (Brown Sugar Remix)

Sizzlin' hot Funky Vocal House by Vocal Diva herself:


Amazing Vocals, Evergreen beats, and funkadelic trompets make this house sensation one to "Move On Up! And Work It To The Top!"

Belezamusica - Inside Out (DJ Meme Remix)

Funky Vocal House with Latino Piano and the typical female vocals, that will sort out your dinner party with a good mood, and lovely beats and rhythms for good moods and the occasional hipswing on the way to a fantastic night?! ...

... well, it might be... If you download this song, and PLAY IT Inside Out!

Milk & Sugar - Has Your Man Got Soul?! (Timbalestics Remix)

As we go on with our journey through some of the bestest Funky Vocal House tracks ever, we had to sense it, that we'd come across a Milk&Sugar hit:

"Has Your Man Got Soul" was a massive hit in the Dancescene and has been one of the most remixed hits by Milk & Sugar ever! Hot female vocals and a quite remarkable and also loopy "Oohhh" through the whole 320kbps track!

Must have for the quality, especially this mix!

[p!nk.class!c] Lost'N'Alive - Got To Love Somebody (Jean Elan Remix)

The year 2001 has seen the rapid emergence of a thriving and vital house music scene in Germany. While pioneers like Tom Novy and DJ Tonka laid the foundation, it has been Lost'N'Alive, a hot new DJ / producer team from Munich that has been turning heads and getting most of the attention during that year.

Ibiza boomed and everyone was able to have a piece of the party island on their own party. This track made it possible!

Wednesday, 3 October 2007


Ladies & Gentlemen,

This is the official

on [p!nk.tunez]

Thank you very much for being true fans of our blog!


[p!nk.class!c] Inaya Day - Reach Out To Me (ATFC's Old Skool Vocal Mix)

"Tonight I'm Gonna Be NASTY GIRL"...

...the mother of Funky Vocal House is reviving with one of her biggest and massivest house bombs! Inaya Day feat ATCF. present: REACH OUT TO ME!

The [p!nk.class!c] is (like any other pink classic) NOT TO MISS and has everything, a good floorfiller in the clubs needs!

If you got it - flaunt it girl!...

Mr. Timothy - I Am Tha 1 (Original Mix)

We have promised you a LOT of new FUNKY VOCAL HOUSE for the next blog entries, and we sure have it ready for you, while we continue with this really cool track by Mr. Timothy and his strong vocalist singer, who makes it pretty obvious, that she's THA 1! And if you add a few E-guitar riffs to this, then you got it all together!

Warren Clarke - Movin' Out (Original Mix)

We have some daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn fine FUNKY VOCAL HOUSE ready for you during the next days...

starting with Warren Clarke and his massive bomb MOVIN' OUT with hot female vocals, funny lyrics with a girl that's makin' it pretty clear to whoever might have lived with her so far... is MOVIN' OUT now...

because, boy, she's got enuff of' thiz shitz!!!

Really cool Funky Vocal House for our true fans of [p!nk.tunez] the QUEEN of HOUSE MUSIC BLOGS

[p!] goes out to ... DLux

As the 30th of September has passed upon us now, and we didn't have enough material, interest or sendings to create our [p!] corner on our blog, we had to finish it, without even starting it really....

...and that's fine! First priority on this blog is music, and not really design, so don't get me wrong, I really appreciate to experiment on here a bit :)

We have had one contestant though, and he took his time, to create something, and I wouldn't feel right without posting it on here today.

A big [p!] goes out to DLux who created this:

Thank you very much for your effort!

For everyone who would like to meet DLux, we have also his profile on MySpace, which is

Go have a look and let him know how much you like it :)

Cheers guys,

Friday, 28 September 2007

[p!] Coldplay - God Put A Smile On Your Face // Fix You

[p!nk.tunez] needs your help! ...

We are looking for ALL remixes of the Coldplay mixes that there are of their tracks

God Put A Smile On Your Face // Fix You

If you have any cool remixes with at least 192kbps quality, then mail them to us, or upload them, and inform us and give us the link by adding it as a comment! Thanks a lot!

[p!nk.weekendtrack] Jennifer Lopez - Do It Well (Moto Blanco Remix)

It's not a big surprise: Another Moto Blanco Remix makes it's way on the top of this week's [p!nk.weekendtrack] and shines like a big white golden shimmerin' star from the top down to all other tracks...

Funky Vocal House, with rhythms, funky beats, groovy lyrics and sexy vocals... performed by Jennifer Lopez and her brandnew track Do It Well...

We love this remix so much, and if you play it at a club, and the people still don't come dancin', then lemme tell you It's not you! But you better just pack your bags and leave, because you might be DJin in a wrong club!!! HAHA

However, have a fantastic weekend you guys, enjoy whatever you might get up to and take care, so that you can still come back and read the new blog entries next week :)

Ciao, Arivederci, Tschuess, Good-Bye and Au-Revoir...